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Střídačka is a cosy and bright space with a pleasant outdoor terrace. In the afternoon, clubs hold their activities here, while in the morning hours the premises are used by seniors or school groups. The evenings belong to adults and weekends to entire families.

You can find the entrance to Střídačka behind the right wing of the Industrial Palace on the corner of the Small Sports Hall.


  • interior space – 80 people seated, 130 people standing
  • outdoor terrace – 100 people seated, 200 people standing
  • articulated terrace, shaded by trees


  • discussions, debates, talk shows
  • chamber concerts
  • pop up events


  • private and corporate events
  • possibility of renting the space itself
  • possibility of creating a customised programme


  • 3x WC + 1x shower
  • TV, audio and video equipment
  • microwave, hot-air oven, basic utensils, electric kettle
  • equipped workshop


  • vnitřní prostor - 80 míst k sezení, 130 míst ke stání
  • venkovní terasa - 100 míst k sezení, 200 míst ke stání
  • členitá terasa, zastíněná stromy

Are you interested in more information? Contact us.

Jan Siro

Obchodní oddělení
telefon: +420 771 127 674

Tereza Baranijaková
Programový manažer
telefon: 602 753 605

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