Picnic meadow
Na Výstavišti

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Spread your blanket and relax

Imagine an area full of greenery with lots of places where you can spread a blanket or a lounger and simply rest.

And now we’ll transfer your thoughts here to Výstaviště. You didn’t expect that here? We also have all the facilities you need – toilets, a water fountain, close to a playground, refreshments (the Italian Bistro Artyčok with pizza, Svijany beer, fruity birell on tap, ice cream and ice lollies). Or Bistro No. 2 with hamburgers, sandwiches, choice coffee from Prague 7, a selection of ice-cold drinks and homemade ice lollies.

If you don’t want to bring your own picnic supplies down here, you can borrow a picnic basket or blanket in Bistro No. 2 for a fee. Or you can bring it all with you and get together with friends and family, or hold a birthday party or a stag party.


Picnic meadow

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