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Enjoy exhibition-grade barbecue at Výstaviště

The enticing smell of grilled treats and a nice chat with friends amidst green areas all around. Sounds great? You can treat yourself to this (and much more) at one of Prague’s latest picnic sites – in Holešovice’s Výstaviště (Exhibition Grounds).

Loads of fun that never flames out

We have a picnic/BBQ site ready for you just a few minutes away from the tram stop. There are two dual-plate electric grills, tables and benches and a water fountain. You don’t have to bring anything if you don’t want to.

Should you get bored for a moment, there is a new rope trail for children and a fitness playground just opposite. A public toilet is a matter of course, and just a few steps away.


BBQ Place at Výstaviště


Daily: 08:00–21:30

The price:

CZK 199 per hour



How do you book a BBQ pit?

  • When you feel like grilling, book your date, time and grill at Prior to your first booking, you have to register on the website.
  • You will get a text message with instructions for payment on your telephone, and when your payment is completed, an activation code.
  • Send the activation code in the “ACTID” format to telephone

number +420 777 744 544 no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your session; “ID” is the number of your reservation*.

  • The rent for one grill plate is CZK 199 per hour.
  • Make sure to book a grill for one-hour periods.
  • When your reservation expires, vacate the site for other visitors.

How do you work the grill?

  • When you send the activation code, a button will light up on the grill – push it to switch the grill on. You can also switch the grill off with the same button.
  • There is no need to watch the temperature, as it is maintained automatically.
  • Once your reserved time slot expires, the grill will switch off. If you want to quit earlier, send the deactivation code “DEACTID”, where “ID” is the number of your reservation.
  • If you have problems switching a plate on or off, call +420 777 354 254.

* The text messages are subject to a charge depending on your operator; you do not pay any extra charge.

How do you clean the grill correctly?

  • Turn off the plate and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  • Spray the cleaner on, let it sit for a while and then pour water on the hot plate.
  • When the water evaporates, scrape the impurities to the drain with the brush.
  • Wipe the plate clean with a paper towel.

You can find a detailed manual HERE.

BBQ pit operating rules


What else is good to know?

What do I do when I come and the grill is dirty?

  • If you arrive to a dirty grill plate, photograph it and send the photo to immediately with the time when the photo was taken. Following verification, the visitor who did not clean up will be blocked from any future reservations all over the Czech Republic.

How many grills do I book when I want the place all for myself?

  • Each grill has two plates and each plate is booked separately. If you want the grill all for yourself, book both plates. There are two tables by the grills (one for each plate), each of them seats 8–10. The seats are booked for the entire period of grill reservation.

Where can I park my car?

There is a paid car park at Výstaviště by the swimming pool. It is about 5 minutes’ walk from the pits. Or you can use the public transport; it is really close from the tram stop and there are several entrances to the premises from the Stromovka park.

How much does it cost?

  • The rate for one grill plate is CZK 199 per hour.

How about cleaning and waste?

  • Everybody must clean the pit up so that the next user can enjoy it too. If you leave the grill dirty, your future bookings may be rejected. The grills are officially cleaned and disinfected once every day. Recycling bins are installed nearby to make cleaning easier for you.

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