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Industrial Palace

Industrial Palace

Reconstruction has finally arrived for the Industrial Palace, the dominant feature of Výstaviště Praha, 13 years after a destructive fire. On Tuesday, 1 February, the City of Prague handed over the keys to the building to a consortium of construction firms led by Metrostav DIZ s.r.o.

The Industrial Palace was built and opened in 1891 on the occasion of the Jubilee Land Centennial Exhibition and today is a listed cultural monument. It is an important place for holding trade fairs, exhibitions, festivals and company events. For its reconstruction, the consortium of companies is using experts from the team that recently reconstructed a similarly valuable building, the National Museum on Wenceslaus Square.

The left wing of the palace, which completely burnt down in 2008 will be going up again in its original site, plus with an underground floor for facilities. The right wing and central hall will be sensitively reconstructed, which has begun with the construction of new collectors for the fitted technologies. The specialists will begin with restoration research and the disassembly or historical elements.

Upon the completion of the Palace, it will offer a multifunctional space equipped with modern technologies for social events, exhibitions, trade fairs, sales events, company presentations, conventions or cultural events, such as concerts, performances and projections.

Spirála Výstaviště

The New Spirála Theatre

After its reconstruction, the New Spirála Theatre will offer an unique and multifunctional space; not only the circular hall with a unique revolving stage and seating for an audience of more than 750, but also a new adjacent hall for smaller musical, theatre or dance performances, conferences or congresses. It was originally a rehearsal room. Thanks to its variable arrangement with the possibility of disassembling the stage, there are practically no limits on the kinds of events that can be held here.

Better statics, water retention tanks for irrigation of the surrounding greenery, nineteen suspended traction units under the ceiling with a capacity of several tons, and state-of-the-art technology and acoustics. These are just some of the qualities that the future number one among European multifunctional spaces will offer. Nová Spirála should open to the public in the middle of the year 2024.

The reconstruction of Spirála Theatre will save this unique post-modern building, which in 1993 won the Architects’ Community’s Grand Prix of Architects. The inner dome of the theatre is also a technical and cultural monument.

Křižík Pavilion roofs

Křižík Pavilions Roofs

Coming soon!

Křižík Pavilions Roofs will be ready in November 2023.